ILoveToHelp.org is a website devoted to (1) supporting non-profits doing good work who need funds and (2) supporting needy families who cannot afford a Christmas for their kids. All costs of the website are paid for by Sponsors and Volunteers, so all of your donations that reach us go directly to help deserving families and non-profits. See the Our Mission page for a more complete explanation of who we are, what we do, and how you can be involved.

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Tell us your thoughts, news and advice on our program, or share your experience reading THE MAGNIFICENT GIFT with your child. Submit a non-profit for our consideration in future months. Inform us that you have become an ILoveToHelp Ambassador!** Anything that's on your mind, we'd love to hear it. Use the form below and our team will get your message. Be sure and include your email address in case we need to write back!

Use the contact form below or email to: support@ILoveToHelp.org

** An ILoveToHelp Ambassador is someone who tells someone else about our program or our website, and that person makes a donation to help a struggling family! If you become an Ambassador, email us and tell us about it so we can celebrate with you!