Donate once or choose to donate each month

On this page you have the opportunity to contribute to the life of another, to make something possible that would not be possible without your help. It's a wonderful thing you are doing and we commend you for it.

Any donation you give will make a profound difference in someone's life this year. It's amazing the difference this makes for people!

Jerry Hignight, Founder

There are five ways to donate to our program

Red Plan
1. SUBSCRIBE - Donate monthly all year by Subscription

Every month I Love To Help will take all donations made that month and use them to help a hurting family who has small children. At Christmas, we help the families directly by paying a heating bill, or buying groceries, or providing gifts for all the members of the family when they cannot do it themselves. Other times of the year, we support non-profit agencies to serve these families. Your regular tax deductible contribution will benefit these families far more than you can know. Receipts will be provided directly from the non-profit who receives your donation if you provide us your email address so we can deliver it to you.

Your monthly automatic donation will continue until you cancel it through PayPal.
Subscription button coming soon.

Aqua Plan
2. QUICKHUG - Donate $5 using our QUICKHUG donation button

Using the PayPal button below, you can donate a quick $5 as often as you like. This option allows you to make a donation with your child so they experience the joy of giving. This is a golden teaching moment to talk about giving and service and the important role it fills in a healthy person's life. Your $5 will not impact your budget, but it will be combined with similar donations from many others to make a significant difference in the life of a child somewhere this Christmas. That's why our motto is, "Together, we make a profound difference". Send a deserving family a QUICKHUG using this button.

Pink Plan
3. DONATE ANY AMOUNT - Using PayPal or Credit Card

Using the PayPal button below, you can donate any amount you choose. Any donation made in someone's honor or memory (tell us in your message to us at checkout) will be listed on our website as a thank you. Every one, regardless of amount! click on the button below to get started!

4. CHECK - Donate by Check

If you choose to make your tax deductible donation by check, make the check out to "The Center for Fathers and Families"
Mail the check to:
        c/o Jerry and Janet Hignight
        8945 Emsdale Way
        Sacramento, CA 95829

5. I LOVE TO HELP CLUB - Like our programs? Become an I Love To Help Club Member!

If you believe in helping people and you can spare a few dollars every month, even if it is only $5, $10 or $20, consider signing up for our I Love To Help Club. Just make an initial donation of $100 or more AND sign up for a monthly subscription donation in ANY amount, and we will send you an I Love To Help Club membership packet including a letter to you signed by the founders. This will automatically enroll you in our I Love To Help Club and make you an I Love To Help insider. We will share information with you that we don't share with anyone else about I Love To Help and the families you are helping.

Each month, we will select and promote a deserving non-profit that is actually helping people and every fall/winter we will raise money for struggling families with children, to give them a good Christmas that wouldn't be possible for them otherwise

When you sign up for monthly donations, the amount you specify will come out of your account automatically each month. At the end of the month your donation will be given to that month's featured cause.

Check back in every month to see what our current cause is. If you prefer not to donate to our featured cause that month, you can select any of the prior five month's causes and move your donation to instead. You can also change your monthly amount up or down at any time or cancel entirely.

Our volunteers are always happy to help you with any request because they believe deeply in what we're doing. And, of course, you can pop in any time to make a one time donation of any amount. You will always have our respect and gratitude for what you are unselfishly doing for other people!

The I Love To Help Club is an idea that is still coming together, but we expect it to be fun and informative while celebrating those who have a heart for helping other people who are hurting. We share a like view of life and have a special connection to each of our Club members. Consider joining us in making a difference in people's lives!