ILoveToHelp.org is a website devoted to (1) supporting nonprofits doing good work who need funds and (2) supporting needy families who cannot afford a Christmas for their kids. All costs of the website are paid for by Sponsors and Volunteers, so all of your donations that reach us go directly to help deserving families and nonprofits. See the Our Mission page for a more complete explanation of who we are, what we do, and how you can be involved.

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Our Heart, Our Motivation, Our Mission, Your Opportunity

Read our story, it may touch you...

What does thinking about Christmas bring to mind? Lights? Gitter? Family? Gifts? Joy? Singing? Feasting? Decorations? Sharing? Excitement? Anticipation? The delighted squeals of children? Religious thoughts and services?

The problem...

What if such things were not possible? What if the loss of a job, or failing health made even paying the utility bill to stay warm into a difficult challange? What if you had to choose between food or new clothes, but couldn't do both? What if your only income was social security, but you had to raise your grandchildren because their parents were not able to? What if dissapointment, emptiness, and hopelessness are what you are facing this Christmas?

What if you could change all that? You can...

ILoveToHelp.org is partnering with the Center for Fathers and Families to select a few families who are facing this kind of Christmas, and we are going to change all that this year! We are appealing to people just like you to share whatever you can spare, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or more, so the chosen families will have their utilities paid, bags of groceries for a fine Christmas meal, and gifts for everyone in the family!

To a family in need, it's difficult to give them $20, $50 or $100 and make much of a difference because the need is so great. But when we all work together, our tax deductible contributions can change despair into astonishment & delight, and create a happy memory that will never be forgotten, for the family and for you.

Selecting a Family to Help

The Center for Fathers and Families is a nonprofit that provides programs for hundreds of families and their children through their charitable programs. A natural part of that process is that they get to know the kids and their families and become aware of the family's personal situation. As a result, they are in a unique position to identify families that will benefit most from this program. Our committment is to help as many of these families as we can. If you help us spread the word, we will be able to help one more deserving family! (Never fear we will ever run out of families who need help. It's a tough world out there for so many!)

When you hand cash directly to a person who appears to be in need, you have no knowledge or control of what that money is actually used for. I always have a nagging doubt that the money may be used for something I would not have approved of. In this program, volunteers and employees of The Center for Fathers and Families do the shopping and pay the bills themselves, so you can be confident that the money you choose to give is used to truly benefit the families who need help.

The website and the people who pay the bills, do the shopping & wrapping, and make the deliveries are all provided by the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers at no cost to ILoveToHelp.org. As a result, we have no overhead or expenses beyond the small fee the credit card companies charge to process your credit or debit card. Except for that small charge (approx 3% on credit card donations), 100% of the money you and your friends donate will go directly to help families. We are grateful to our sponsors for continuing to make this program possible for all of us. Please visit their websites to see the quality of people we have supporting us! (see side bar, below and to the right)

The gifts we provide for kids often include new clothes for school, backpacks and school supplies. Gifts for other family members are practical ones they wouldn't normally buy for themselves, like an electric blanket for cold winter nights. And when a late utility bill is paid or groceries are purchased for a nice Christmas dinner, the whole family benefits.

When one family has been provided for and money remains, another family is selected and the process repeats itself. This continues until we have helped as many families as we have the ability to bless. And oh, you should see their reaction!

In prior years, the lives of these families have been transformed through our combined generosity. Wide eyed Children were wildly ecstatic when they spotted their family's wrapped gifts! One mother was literally jumping up and down in excitement when she learned her utility bill would be paid and her family would have a real Chistmas this year! Tears are common, and gratitude is expressed over and over and over again! Can you even imagine what it would feel like to be the person who gets to deliver the gifts? Where else in life do you make such a dramatic difference for someone? Doesn't this sound like something you want to be a part of? This program has been so immensely rewarding, we created this web site to allow people just like you to participate in this joyful work with us.

We can't stop all the world's suffering, but we can certainly make a profound difference in the lives of a few deserving families who simply won't have a Christmas unless somebody decides to help. We have made our decision and we are going to make a profound difference this year!

How YOU can make a difference for a deserving family...

1. Give for a family
Talk to your family & friends, then donate whatever you decide to share with a struggling family. You have no idea what a difference your gift will make! If you want to be part of our ILoveToHelp Club, sign up for an affordable monthly donation that will automatically be given to a qualified nonprofit or deserving family each month. This will qualify you for our exclusive Club membership and a personal thank you letter from our founders.

2. Spread the word
Use facebook, email, face-to-face conversations, or any method you can think of to send as many as you can to ILoveToHelp.org so they have the opportunity to read our story and give along with you, should they choose to do so. You will continue to help deserving families by bringing others to see the opportunity that you are an important part of. And the people you talk to will be grateful to you for sharing that opportunity. People have given us checks for $100 or $200, and then thanked us for letting them participate! When you are responsible for introducing us to someone who makes a donation, you become an ILoveToHelp Ambassador! Be sure and send us an email and let us know of your achievement so we can celebrate with you! And keep on sharing!

3. Come back again
Come back one more time a couple of weeks before Christmas and make another donation. We will keep helping families until the money runs out. The more we have, the more lives will be changed.

4. Accept our sincere thanks
We do this work because we have compassion for families who do not have the means to give their children the joyous, magical season that most of us take for granted. This website was created and is maintained free of charge by volunteers who believe in what we are doing. The Center for Fathers and Familes already has their overhead and expenses covered by other funding. This means that all of the money that reaches us will go to benefit families directly, paying for utilities, food and gifts. For these families, your gifts are beyond anything they imagined or believed to be possible! For them, we deeply appreciate you and thank you.

5. Consider the big picture
For those of you who are religious, Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." For some of us, that's all the reason we need.